23 & me orders Closing Friday 30th SEPT-2017




Current price $149 US is normally $199 US

23andMe offer

The closing date for the orders and payment for those who have expressed an interest in having their personal Methylation and Detoxification genes assessed is 30th Sept 2017. 


This test is important if you have a chronic health complaint you haven’t been able to fully understand. Issues like recurrent chemical toxicity, ongoing anxiety, Lyme-like coinfections, Mould, fibromyalgia, cardio vascular disease, cancer and diabetes, stroke….chronic hormonal problems can be better understood and a personalised Nutritional approach can be delivered with the insight of this testing.

Please click here to be added to the list or contact me for an invoice so I can add you to the order.

Costs include

  • The Kit $149 US
  • The Postage ~shared amongst the participants and can be up to $70 AU alone
  • The Credit Card & International Transaction fees $5-10 per group order
  • The Genetic readers you use or allow me to use for you $30-$60 AU
  • The Written report I do to access you the information about what your Methylation Pathways mean to you $300
  • The Consultations to go over any questions and Nutritional adaptations: $70-90 per hour (health fund rebates for consultations)

I have seen so many people with overwhelming chronic health issues understand the WHY and the HOW from these and other investigative tests. Lets take you on there!

Can’t wait to help you more and get to know what makes you ticketdyboo.

yours in health











NEWS IN THE CLINIC:cyberscan_img


Biofeedback is now available in the clinic. Ask me  how you can find out what you can do to unblock physiological and environmental and emotional stressors in your body to really and truly allow true health.  Price of the initial scan $160 not including remedies ($34 each.. 2 are needed per session.) 

Mention you have seen this ad when you book and receive the initial scan for $130. Limited to one per family.

Bookings here: thumbnail(96)