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Lyme Disease Summit#2


with the world’s authorities in Lyme Treatment.


You will have seen in the media the growing concern in Australia with people facing LYME LIKE Coinfections. Something that the Australian government hasn’t yet attributed to many with similar issues as those in the States and Europe where Lyme is rampant.

I am sharing a link to the Lyme Summit #2 in case you’re interested in understanding more about this illness, caused by VECTOR bite and potentially an endemic issue around the world with more and more people presenting with neurological, muscular fatigue, paralysis, chemical sensitivities and many more symptoms. It is an area I have been involved in clinical setting for several years and the growing amount of clients coming my way with issues that coincide with coinfections like Lyme is growing, sadly.

My passion is in natural and functional medicine in clinic and I work bloody hard to help you unravel chronic health disorders. Click the link below and share it with your friends who you are concerned about. (I am an affiliate of this group and will receive a small bonus if you do share from this link so to help me bring more info to you, this is a great step forward.)

I am also available for Skype consultations if you live outside of Adelaide and cannot find any answers for your health issues, I am here to help! 

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