Naturopathic Services

 Naturopathic Services


  • cyberscan_imgCyberscan Biofeedback The most advanced Professional Biofeedback technology in the world. Using Tesla coils and scalar waves to measure and then communicate the body’s imbalances to the immune system. Helping your body restore itself to a balanced stress-free state.



  • 23&me gene kitIntegrated Pathology Testing(Urine, Salivary, Heavy Metal, Metabolic testing and Comprehensive Stool Analysis)
  • MTHFR & 23 & me gene testing: Epigenetic lifestyle and education regarding how your internal biochemistry works, MTHFR genetics, methylation pathway. Learn how to understand how your epigentics & biochemistry may help determine your future wellness.
  • Collaborative referrals to your GP for further functional testing as required.


Michelle Crone Naturopathy Clinic Rooms

  • One on one professional consultations subsidised if you have private health fund rebates, within an organic cafe complete with garden with children’s cubby house out back!
  • SKYPE consultations available by appointment only, please contact me if you require these.


  • man-holding-his-stomach-in-pain-or-indigestion-100126484Personalized & Individual Nutritional ONLINE support using VICTUS HEALTH Programme. Linking you to your Naturopath’s recipes, in your home.
  • Food Intolerance testing: Integrative Pathology testing for ALCAT, IgG, IgE and specific tests for many causes of food intolerances.
  • GAPS Treatments: Michelle is a 2015 MAPS Trained Practitioner with the MINDD Foundation. Using Nutrition to heal your gut.


  • SIBO Practitioner – Michelle is a certified SIBO BiPhasic Diet Practitioner with a keen interest in Stool Analysis and all things POOP to heal you from the inside out!


If any of these are of INTEREST to you and you are ready for Michelle to help you discover and UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL….

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